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In school, we are taught our ABCs and 123s, how to read, how to write, how to solve math equations and about the history of our country, but there is no class on self-love, compassion, or resiliency. These skills must be encouraged in more creative ways, and are ideally planted as seeds in the early years.

laLa wellness yoga and mindfulness sessions teach yoga practices and principles through accessible extra-curricular programming where children spend a lot of their time – at school and in daycare!

Each laLa session cultivates active and engaging learning experiences that allow children to connect while exploring their bodies, minds, breath and senses.

Meet your Kids Yoga Teacher
laLa was created by Lisa Clarke, a Registered Yoga Teacher with a certification in Children’s and Family Yoga from Rainbow Kids Yoga. Lisa grew up living and working in the early years community, and is now incredibly passionate about bringing a practice to our youth and our educators that she wishes she had when she was in school.

When children are exposed to environments, people and practices that enhance their connection to their whole sense of being, they grow into the citizens that will shape and positively change our world.

Every child can benefit from the gift and practice of yoga.
Planting seeds of self awareness for a future filled with love and Light always (laLa!)

Why Kids Yoga & Mindfulness?

When children are given tools that help them understand the way that their bodies, minds and breath work together, they start to develop a sense of self that contributes to:

Enhanced self regulation and motor skills

Compassion towards self and others

Creativity and expression

Positive body awareness (inside and out)

Feelings of relaxation and stress relief

A love for movement and physical activity

Increased confidence and self-esteem


Improved balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and focus

Overall health and wellness

Don’t be surprised if you see us getting silly – that’s how we learn best! And after all that fun, relaxing on our mats to take some big belly breaths lets our bodies know just how important it is to rest.

Kids Yoga Classes & Programs

laLa wellness offers a variety of kids yoga classes and programs for daycares and schools. Whether it’s a special event (like an in-house field trip), monthly, bi-weekly or weekly classes, there’s always a way to fit yoga into your school’s schedule!

All laLa kids yoga classes include yoga and mindfulness games, songs and stories that encourage:

  • Breathwork
  • Creative expression
  • Coordination and movement
  • Relaxation
  • Inclusive and accessible fun for children (and adults!) of all ages!

Kids yoga has all of the foundational principles of adult yoga with a little added element – FUN! We sing, dance, laugh and move our way through each yoga adventure in ways that allow us to be aware of our bodies, breath, and what’s going on around us.

Kids Yoga Class Options

The Short Story

15-30 minute classes that encourage movement through a yoga story. These adventures begin with a fun breathing practice, have a flow of poses in the middle, and end with mindful relaxation. Accessible for all ages

The Big Adventure

45 – 60 minute classes that take your yogis on a sensory movement adventure. Participants will learn breathing techniques, expressive yoga poses, and mindful relaxation activities. Accessible for ages 4+

The Yoga Experience

60 – 90 minute classes that incorporate a Big Adventure with other expressive practices such as partnering games and mindful art. Accessible for ages 6+

The Yoga Family Staycation

30 – 60 minute classes (dependent on average age group) that the whole family can enjoy. Consider it a Yoga Family ‘Staycation’! Families will awaken their imaginations and come together through play.

laLa classes are currently offered in Brampton, Caledon, Orangeville, Mississauga, Etobicoke and the Greater Toronto Area.

Interested in booking a yoga class? Connect with Lisa and set a date!

Trial Class

Interested to see what kids yoga is all about, but not sure just yet that it’s a good fit for your class? Why don’t you give it a try and see! A 30 Minute Trial class* is offered at a special rate for up to 15 Toddlers, 24 preschoolers or 30 school agers. (*Only one trial class will be honoured per school/centre.)

Professional Development for Teachers

laLa wellness offers workshops and resources for educators who want to learn how to incorporate basic yoga and mindfulness principles in their daily programs. Visit the laLa learning page for more info!


“In this hectic, fast paced world, my family and others will benefit from having this yoga program available within childcare programs in our community. I wholeheartedly believe that Lisa’s passion for yoga and children will enrich and positively impact families.”

Lori – Brampton Mompreneur

“I think that yoga is great for kids. [My daughter] tells everyone she does yoga at school and everyone is always so impressed when she shows them her moves. I’m so glad that she has the opportunity to participate it’s really made her come out of her shell. Thank you so much Lisa!”

Sharon A.

“[My son] loves his yoga class and even tries to do some of it at home. So glad he’s able to start the practice of yoga at such a young age.”

Krystle B.

“You’ve put together a wonderful program. Thank you so much for sharing the weekly feedback – it helps to get all the details as we sometimes don’t get much from them unless we probe hard! This allows the parents to reinforce and integrate into our conversations at home as well.”

Sharmishtha G.

“The pictures of the boys having so much fun doing yoga brings the biggest smile to my face!”

Smita M.

“Keep up the great work teaching my baby these important life skills.”


“[My daughter] always talks about how much she loves her time with you. [She] loved her experience with laLa wellness!”

Rob & Sarah W.

“Thank you so much for helping my son grow. The other day [he] walked all day and his calves must have been really hurting. To relieve the pain he was stretching by lifting his feet with his hands. If at this age he knows that he can do something to relieve his pain other than crying, you are doing a wonderful job! Thank you for that.”

Francisca C.

“What a creative way to practice yoga! Well done!”

Karen S.

“[My daughter] loves it and talks about it often!”

Viola S.

“[My daughter] loves showing her new moves to us and other family members. Thanks again!”

Ryan K.

“I am glad [my child’s daycare] is promoting such activities :)”

Sarah N.

“No thanks will ever be enough for the role that you are playing in teaching mindfulness to my son.”

Domenica B.

Contact laLa wellness

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or (416) 562 4408

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For Parents

By registering for laLa kids yoga through your child’s school, you are giving them a gift that will last a lifetime – the gift of a positive connection to their body, mind and senses!

If yoga is not currently offered in your child’s program, spread the word and the love by sharing laLa wellness with their teachers! Families who bring the gift of mindfulness to their child’s school will receive an extra special Good Karma package as a thank you for making a difference in your community.

For families that want to bring their practice home with them, laLa wellness offers family sessions and birthday parties that are filled with fun yoga adventures that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Contact Lisa for more information on how you can make yoga an activity for your whole family to enjoy!

Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom

The frameworks for both early learning and health and physical education place an emphasis on serving the whole child. Yoga and mindfulness practices wonderfully coincide with these educational perspectives, as they are all rooted in honouring ourselves as whole human beings. Yoga is a creative movement that is 100% accessible, inclusive, and non-competitive for all children.

laLa classes benefit you as an educator, as you are able to welcome a member of your community into your classroom that is knowledgeable of …

• Early Childhood Education
• How Does Learning Happen – Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years
• The Child Care and Early Years Act
• Ontario’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum

… while providing your students with an opportunity to explore and enhance their physical literacy, creativity, self-regulation & well-being.

Book laLa programming for your classroom!

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