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We complement the foundations of belonging, engagement, expression and well-being in all of our teachings and are lifelong learners alongside our educators.

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laLa Workshops

Yoga professional development

laLa Workshops

laLa wellness offers a series of workshops and trainings for early childhood professionals that provide easy-to-implement but incredibly powerful yoga and mindfulness based practices both for themselves and the children they care for.

Whether your classroom community needs help with emotional awareness, self-awareness, physical literacy, resilience or a positive shift in perspective, our workshops can take you from “I’ve been wanting to do this, I just haven’t been sure how” to “I’m so excited and can totally do this right away!”

Yoga & Mindfulness in the Early Years

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An Intro to All Things laLa Kids Yoga

Move your way through mindful transitions, breathing practices, movement stories and calming relaxation elements that are engaging and meaningful for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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Physical Literacy: The Mind-Body-Sense Connection

Explore the fundamental movement skills through a mindful lens and learn how to support a child’s physical literacy through yoga and mindfulness based activities.
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The Language of Mindfulness in the Early Years

Shift your perspective and mindfully reflect on the activities, transitions, language choices and supportive practices that impact a child’s socio-emotional development.
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Yoga for Infants & Toddlers

Experience the laLa ‘Nursery Rhyme’ class with a deep dive of its songs, breathing practices and movement elements to make yoga accessible for your infants and toddlers.
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Planning Yoga Adventures for Preschool & Kindergarten

Weave movement stories together with poses and breathing practices that bring childrens’ interests to life. Whether it’s a topic like Dinosaurs or the concept of life cycles, movement can be used to enhance the learning experience.

Educator Well-Being

We want what educators want … more time in the day, less weight on our shoulders and the space to be our true selves. Yoga and mindfulness shift stress out of the picture to give us the space we need to be well and grow.
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Mindfulness for Educators: Exploring the Beginner’s Mind

Discover how simple mindfulness practices can be woven into your day to relieve stress, burnout and anxiety – no matter how busy you are.
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Watch Your Words: The Power of Self-Talk for Educators

Reflect on the stories, beliefs and patterns that are driven by your self-talk, and intentionally replace negative thought patterns with self-love, self-compassion & emotional freedom practices.

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Books & Online Resources

I'm a Growing Yogi book

I’m a Growing Yogi

An easy to follow yoga class in story form! Introduce your kids to yoga poses and breathing techniques that are fun for them, and calming for their nervous system.

Educators also receive a Practice Possibilities Card with activity extension ideas for each page. You can make the story as long or as short as you’d like depending on the children’s interests. (A perfect way to bring Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years: How Does Learning Happen? to life!)

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